Christmas Special

(French) Le Bon Mot

Les Bon Mots - The good words Si Stanley etait Yelnats Si Tom etait Mot Si les chiens etaient chats Si le moches etaient beaux Si le chaud etait froid Si le soleil etait la lune Si tu etais moi Si les plumes etait des prunes Si les femmes etait les hommes Si la pluie etait des bijoux Si il avait Sherlock Holmes Si nous sommes riches toujours Si moi, je suis toi, Je vais etre le roi des bois, et voila!

The strangest dream 💭

I dreamed at dawn,  If the world were upside down Then how could someone even drown Because then the boys would wear bows And the girls would wear boy clothes All the beginners would be pros And all the pros would be low The planet might even blow  In the summer it would snow  In the winter it would be filled with crows If hate was love And love was hate If the police were behind gates And the criminals were great This would would be mass debris But it's just a dream… Hopefully!

🎄 A Jolly Christmas Eve! (Christmas Special 🎁)

A Jolly Christmas Eve!       Once upon a time in Christmas Eve, there was a old man who knew nothing about joy in Christmas. He never did any good deeds in his life, and just wanted money. He'd be rude to other people, and never gave anything in his life, and instead he takes. He thought money could solve anything, but one day, his fortune was stolen. He now lived in the streets, having no place to live. He begged for money, but no one helped him, as they knew he was the rude old man. After many days, without any food or money, he then saw a poor family walk up to him. They said Merry Christmas, and said to come to their house to celebrate. The old man accepted the offer, but didn't understand why they were so nice to him. He didn't even give anything to the family, and the family didn't care about his rudeness. As he entered their home, he saw everything old and in bad condition, but he could start to feel the joy of Christmas. He sat on the table, and saw a stuffed tu

Sometimes there is Finland

Sometimes there is Finland. By Hernan Casciari            This is the story of how I (Hernan) almost killed his niece.       One day, I heard that the newspaper ask me if I wanted to publish my book and put it in their newspaper as a header. Of course, I ran to my car, and I drove back, but then I heard a thump.  I look behind my car, and I hear screaming from the house, "He ran her over!" coming from his family. At this moment, I knew that I just did something huge.. something bad.  I started to hesitate, not coming out of the car, seeing what I've done.  I'm a monster... I killed my young niece! Everyone was coming to me, staring at me with deadly ferocious eyes.  I wish I could flee to Finland, get a new profile, have a different life, but the guilt will still follow me. I wish the father of my niece would just beat me to death, and then I can be reborn as someone else, and forget about everything I just witnessed and did. When I finally got out of the car, I s

The Generous Idiot

    Once upon a time, there was a faher with three sons. The first two sons were intelligent, but the last son was dumb. Everytime the kid talks, he makes a mistake. Everytime he uses a tool, he does something wrong. One day, the father says to his sons that they are mature enough to start a business. He gives each of his sons 100 dollars to start their own business. The first son bought wood to build a stand. The second bought supplies and fur. The third one bought... nothing yet. The third son wandered around the village infested by rats, and then he sees a group of kids, ready to drown a cat. The son says to not do that, and he gives the group of kids $100 to satisfy the group, and the group gives the cat to the son. Meanwhile, the sons meet in their home. The two sons teased the dumb son just because he saved a cat and wasted his $100. They now get ready to sell their expensive fur. They wait all day for customers, but no one bought their fur. The sons then realise that the mouses

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place analyzation by HM

Want to read the original story? Click this link :  A Clean, Well-Lighted Place Story      " A Clean, Well-Lighted Place "  is a complex story by the author Ernest Hemingway . He has written many short stories, and to understand them, you have to analyze it to the very end. Here is the analysis of a " A Clean, Well-Lighted Place. " The story takes place in a café, but more like in a bar. It was around 2 AM. The old man who was deaf and alone, was drinking lots of brandy’s a type of liquor.  The old man was deaf and felt lonely, so he felt as if he was surrounded by the darkness, as if he was a forgotten man, and Clean, well-lighted cafe place brings him a comfort to his soul.  " The old man was sitting in the shadows of the leaves " as described in the story, reflects pace and shelter for the old man. As a young waiter said to the other, that he tried to commit suicide, but his niece stopped him from ending his life. As the story goes, the waiter also tell

The story of the pencil - El historia del lapiz

The story of the pencil  By Paulo Coelho The boy was watching his grandfather writing a letter. A few moments later, he asked: "Are you writing a story that happened to both of us? Or Is it a story about me?" The grandfather stopped writing, and said to the grandson: "Yes, indeed. I'm writing about you. However, more important than words is the pencil I am using." The boy looked at the pencil, intrigued, and saw nothing special. "It isn't that rare. It's not like any other pencil I saw in my life!" "Everything depends on the way you look at things. There are five qualities in the pencil that, if you can keep them, will make you a person forever at peace with the world.” First quality: you can do great things, but never forget that there is a hand that guides your steps. We call this hand God, and He will always lead you in the direction of His will. Second: from time to time I need to stop writing and use the pencil sharpener. That mak

Axolotl P.O.V of characters

 Axolotl, by Julio Cortazar *Want to read the original story? Click here :  Axolotl Story A man’s P.O.V with the axolotls A man who loved to go to the aquarium, simply staring at axolotls, thought about something odd. He became so into axolotls, he started to think if he was an axolotl. The man felt as if he had a sudden connection when he met these pink creatures. Their soulless golden eyes, their stiff body, they barely moved. Even when someone taps the glass, normally the fish swims away, but these type of fish didn't even care. They didn’t even flinch. “They are slaves do their own body” a line from the story. Soon, the man came less and less often to the aquarium. The axolotl’s P.O.V with the man   He became less interested of us. I saw him yesterday, but he left rather quickly. Perhaps he is getting a little bit busy, and probably getting less of the habit to seeing us. I still think about about him, though. “At the beginning we started to communicate, that he felt more than

The Play date 2

                                                       THE SEQUEL HAS COME...                                    THE PLAY DATE 2                                                                 By Hermes M -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------           ❗Warning- If you didn't read the first part, you'll not follow along with this sequence❗                                                      First part link :  The Play date      Two kids- Nelly and Ted, get invited to a sleepover by Harold. Nelly and Ted belong to the same family, they are sister and brother. They're not really that old, just around 11 years old. Harold is a friend of theirs. They've known each other since 3rd grade.  The two siblings are  are getting ready to leave and head off to Harold's house. Nelly bursts into Ted's room.  "Hey, at least could you knock?!" exclaimed Ted. "Who cares? I'

After 20 Years - short story

AFTER 20 YEARS SCRIPT BY O. HENRY Script by Lecochom Characters of the play: —>Young Bob- (18 yo, with high school complete, vivid eyes, energetic, playful, thirsty of hearing that people on the west are making fortune, his mind is set to go and venture himself ) —>Young Jimmy- (20 yo, friend of Bob, finish high School, thinking in continuing studying but no sure  yet what, whist to work too) Narrator (speaker sound voice ) Bob after 20 year. 38years now (is also known as “silky Bob”, he changed, has a pale . Square jawed face with keen eyes, and a little scar above his right eyebrow) Jimmy after 20years,  40 yo. (He is a cop now, and has some years of experience in the police force, loves his job, and is an abide citizen, good heart and respect the law before anything) Random Cop. (A police patrol around 40 years, experienced cop, greeting the people and making sure that street is is on order.) ACT 1 Narrator:              The time wa